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Get hand-sourced and hand-delivered rugs matched to your interiors and taste without leaving home.

Let me take the pain out of purchasing rugs

It's not easy walking into an oriental rug shop faced with an endless array of choices and tiresome sales pitches. That's why Rug Orienter™ exists. My mission is to provide you with guidance to identify the rugs that best match your style and budget.

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How it Works:

1 - We Chat

Whether you prefer in-person or via phone, I start by getting to understand your needs. That means getting a sense of the room(s) where you wish to add rugs to and the style you're going for. It helps to have some photos to go by if we can't do an in-person meeting.

2 - We Explore & Refine

Based on what is in-stock with my network of oriental rug dealers in New York, I identify rugs that will best suit you. I start by sending a variety of options via Email. This is the explorative phase, where we try to refine what you like and don't like.

3 - We Test Drive

When we've come to a point where you are liking 80% of the options you're seeing via Email, I bring those rugs to your location for you to test drive. You choose to return the ones you don't want and can keep those you wish to purchase.

Throughout the process, my services remain completely Free. Yes, Free. You only pay for the rugs you wish to purchase, which are priced competitively. Pretty fair deal, if you ask me!

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I had never heard of a service like Rug Orienter, so I wasn't realy sure what to expect. When I started getting suggestions from Hüseyin in my inbox, I started to understand. He really broke down my options. By the time I bought my first rug, I was 200% sure it was the right one. It was already in my hallway, looking fabulous. So easy.
- Jim Hayes from beautiful Westerley, Rhode Island

Just a few of the rugs I can bring to you...

Ever wonder why oriental rug shops are always "going out of business"?

It's pretty simple: they overprice and end up with too much inventory. Since the late '90s the market for oriental rugs has been saturated. It's why when I moved to the US from Turkey in 1996, after over 20 years spent at the famous Grand Bazaar, I chose to take the road less traveled.